Publisher: Struik. Publication Date: 2007

Children’s Rooms is filled with wonderful ideas for creating a personalised space in the room that sees the most of a child’s developing years – the bedroom. From wall friezes to paint colour schemes, patchwork quilts to bunkbeds, this book will inspire you with ideas for babies through to pre-teens. With lots of craft ideas and descriptive photgraphs, as well as clever tips on eberything from cot safety, to lighting and storage, Children’s Rooms is the ideal book to jumpstart the decorative imagination.

Publisher: Hamlyn UK. Publication Date: 2008

Discover how to spot potential in every square inch of your home and transform even the most mundane cupboard into a fantasy play area. This handbook is filled with clever ideas and cool projects for creating appealing spaces around the home and garden for children of all ages. From imaginative indoor play areas to secret hideaways and even a magical fairy garden, Cool Spaces for Kids shows you how to create special spaces for your children that will help them to enjoy playing, working, relaxing and learning. Featuring inspirational photography and over 50 stunning ideas comprising step-by-step projects, stylish alternatives, quick fixes and more, you’ll be able to give your kids cool spaces they’ll enjoy for years to come.

Publisher: Kidsdecor. Publication Date: 20 Aug 2011

This practical decor book inspires parents to create and decorate their baby’s first room. Any area, whether it large or small, can be transformed into a nurturing space for a new baby. There are endless ideas for novices and experts – to create baby nurseries from scratch or to redesign existing bedrooms. With over 200 beautiful photographs, Baby Rooms & Nurseries is an all-encompassing canvas of inspiration and practical ideas on how to do it yourself. It is a source of creativity for all expecting moms.Baby Rooms & Nurseries begins with a section on baby room styles, featuring a wide array of decor for both baby boys and girls. Each chapter has a practical get the look section, which is a guide for achieving each featured decor style. The second section of the book focuses on themes, taking a broader look at the various possibilities offered by nursery decor. The final chapters feature decorating ideas for babies’ rooms. From painting techniques to fabrics and diverse combinations, this section is packed with inspirational ideas that are easy to follow.

Publisher: Struik. Publication Date: 20 Aug 2014

Kids’ Market Day will inspire entrepreneurship from a young age via 30 projects that are easy and fun to achieve. From colourful projects like Pet rocks, Button Bracelets and Animal masks to some tasty options like Marshmallow sticks, Milkshakes and Biscuit Monsters. Most of the projects are also practical and can be used around the house or garden — the Bird feeders, Piggy banks and Herb Pots are just some examples of these useful projects. Every project is accompanied by full-colour and inspiring photography and step-by-step directions on how to make products that will ensure an exciting and profitable market day! Kids can use their own initiative and creativity when decorating their stalls, although a general guideline of how stalls can be styled and decorated to attract customers has also been included. The focus of Kids’ Market Day is on hand-crafted products and the main material in each project is often something that can simply be recycled from daily supplies in and around the house. Best of all, the projects will give moms and dads exciting projects to do with their kids!

Publisher: Human & Rousseau. Publication Date: 20 Aug 2015

Turn your child’s room into a little castle fit for a princess or a prince. This book offers 50 awesome and fun projects for redoing your child’s bedroom. The projects range from very easy to difficult and are aimed at all age groups, from babies and toddlers to young adults. Projects include a fabric tree mural for babies, tyre storage for toddlers, a doorway puppet theatre and a washi poster for pre-teens. It also shares tips and advice for small changes that can make a big difference in the appearance of your child’s room. Step-by-step instructions are combined with striking colour photos. A great source of inspiration for creative ideas.

Publisher: Struik. Publication Date: 20 Aug 2016

Most mothers are familiar with the daily challenge of encouraging their children to eat healthy, sustaining meals that will fill them with vitality as well as nourishment. Fun Foods offers a treasure trove of ideas for how to create healthy meals for kids that are also inspiring and, well, fun! Covering salads, snacks, lunchboxes and sarmies, dinner, tea time, picnics, veggies and fruit, the chapters include many creative ideas for dishes that children can make for themselves, using their imagination. Throughout, the recipes have been styled to make everyday meals fun: think Funny Bunny Salad, Frittata Faces, Purple Pasta, Owl Rice Cakes and Sushi Sandwiches.